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By Beauty Buddies was created out of the sheer desire to have aesthetically pleasing luxury professional accessories in salons. 

Founder and Designer, Shireen Smith saw the need for beautiful beauty accessories to complement the stunning spaces and luxury treatments provided by aestheticians worldwide.

"As an Aesthetician, I love to create beautiful aesthetics. This flows through from designing detailed hair strokes for a customised brow tattoo,  to designing restful spaces for our treatments rooms. The one thing which was not available, when choosing pieces to polish off a treatment room however, was beautiful accessories for beauty professionals. Every lash and brow treatment needs a kidney bowl, traditionally, an ugly bright lime green or clear plastic bowl which stands out like a sore thumb in a pretty or minimalist room. So, after two decades in the Beauty Industry, I decided it was time to create my own." 



Carefully crafted designs for practicality and aesthetics. Designed in Australia and hand-made by local stoneware artisans. Our first collection, By Beauty Buddies Essentials, will be a staged release of a complete range of minimalist, professional accessories needed to enhance a beautiful treatment room vanity and add stunning tones to accent salon interiors.

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