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Out with the old, in with the new. Every lash and brow treatment needs a reusable kidney bowl. A small curved dish to gently caress the face and aid in the bathing of eyes and brows, pre and post lash extensions, lifting and tinting. Our Beauty Bowls replace the existing dull and unsightly kidney emisis medical bowls that have been used for decades. We have created these gorgeous, unbreakable beauty bowls in a medley of stunning tones to accent any beauty vanity.

These Beauty Bowls are designed here in Australia and made from the highest quality recycled and new, skin-safe plastics. 


*** This Set Includes 3 Nested Bowls in Oat, Pebble and Blush.

Set of 3 Nested Beauty Bowls

SKU: bbbs110218

    Small Bowl  | 127.3mm L, 72.7mm W, 24.6mm H

    Medium Bowl | 143.9mm L, 82.2mm W, 27.8mm H

    Large Bowl | 165.5mm L, 94.5mm W, 32mm H



    Small Bowl in Oat

    Medium Bowl in Pebble

    Large Bowl in Blush



    Made from recycled and new TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) FDA approved.

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